Thursday, September 7, 2017

American politics

There is a raging controversy about if our former presidents owned slaves. People in great numbers across our country have started an uproar on our presidents. The biggest problem are the statues. These groups of people enraged by these statues are implying that these presidents supported racism and cruelty to all black Americans. These statues were a symbol of perseverance from the South and were not just about slavery. The main group behind all this trouble is Black Lives Matter. Some think that just because they represented the South, they are also pro-slavery. Our former presidents are being hunted because of the rumors about slavery and even buildings named after them are in question.  These attacks on our presidents are extremely unprofessional and very unnecessary. Even president Abraham Lincoln, the leader of the union, freed the slaves establishing the Emancipation Proclamation. The presidents take an oath going in to office that they will do what’s right for the people, and I feel like they have done their part.

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