Sunday, September 17, 2017

A common need for Westside High School students


Has anyone ever been in a situation where you needed to print something for a class, an application, or an important document? I think every student runs into this problem, especially at school and with school documents. I strongly believe we need a dedicated printer for students at our school. I want to strongly stress the importance of  having a student printer. If we had a student printer, we would be able to get our work faster especially when we are absent from school. I have several teachers that will send  a document through or some type of worksheet that needs to be printed. We also have problems with teachers not having enough copies, but if we have a printer that did both, we could go and make more copies and be able to access our work a lot faster. I had a teacher already tell me this year, “I’ll have to go make copies before I can give you the assignment.” I think it is a terrible inconvenience that causes problems for us students where we are having to wait and then turn in assignments a week past the due date. This is a need that all students have. We could put the printer in the library where everyone has access to it. Another issue that someone mentioned is, “What if the student body starting making unnecessary prints and copies?” One idea is students could pay for the copies that are for their personal use--like a job application. Students will only be able to make prints or copies if they have money to do so. If  a student is needing just a black and white print or copy, the cost for that could be five cents per print or copy.  If a student is needing a colored print or copy, those could be ten cents per print or copy. This way we can pay for ink, paper, and the printer itself, and we can also avoid unnecessary prints or copies as well because students would not want to spend their money on unnecessary copies. This could also be a project for the entrepreneurs at Westside or possibly a club or organization could purchase the printer and offer the service to print the copies for a reasonable fee.   

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