Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Starting April 29, 2017, Arkansas has taken on some major weather issues. From tornados across the state to severe flooding in places like Missouri and Pocahontas, Arkansas. Black River, which runs under the bridge in Pocahontas, is expected to reach heights never seen before. Flood water from the Meramec River streams over a railroad bridge in Valley Park, MO. River levels are cresting in several Missouri communities as floodwaters slowly drain from the state, although forecasts for more rain could cause another round of damaging high water. Families and businesses have lost their homes to the floods, with thousands of dollars in damages. No one is for sure about how long it will take for the waters to get to regular levels, but thoughts and prayers will be with all the families in need.

--Maranda Lee, Jacob Meeks, Tyke Taylor, Austin Tyler, and Davanna Gargaro

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