Thursday, April 6, 2017

Most fit athlete in the world by Trace Tilton

Have you ever wondered who is the world's fittest athlete? According to the April, 2017 copy of Men's Fitness magazine it is a professional bull rider by the name of, Guilherme Marchi. In the same  magazine, Guilherme says “Going to the gym keeps me away from drugs and alcohol and makes me stronger and healthier for my next bull ride.” Guilherme’s workout routine is very intense, and his diet is also very strict. He eats six eggs in the morning, and for lunch he eats grilled salmon and vegetables; dinner is grilled chicken vegetables and an apple or banana for dessert.  He drinks water and protein shakes. He admits, “I do drink one Monster energy drink before a bull ride to make my sponsors happy.” Guilherme says in the magazine that his mother is the biggest influence on him. Guilherme Marchi rides this Friday in Billings, Montana. It will be on television at 6, so go watch the world's fittest athlete perform.       

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