Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gordon Ramsay's terrifying April Fool's prank by Allie Jones

Thursday, March 30, Gordon Ramsay was a guest on the Nightly Show in the UK. As he was making a smoothie on the show, he had his hand in the blender when someone else turned it on. The host and the audience were horrified. Ramsay’s hand was covered in “blood.” Most of the viewers believed what they were seeing, but if you look at his hand, you can clearly see that the blood is more like a bright orange red than blood red. To make it more believable, the chef started his trademark cursing. After a while, he stood and shouted “I got you!” revealing it was all a prank. The only response was a few awkward chuckles from the audience. Opinions on his stunt were very diverse. Some people say that his prank was great, others say he went too far.  The point of the show was just to tell people to be safe when dealing with dangerous kitchen appliances.

Host, Frank Skinner’s reaction

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