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Twenty One Pilots: Emotional Roadshow Tour review

On March 3rd, 2017 I had the privilege to attend a Twenty One Pilots concert in Little Rock, AR for the Emotional Roadshow Tour. I had been excited since my mom and aunt got the tickets as a birthday present for my cousin, Savannah, since her birthday was on the same day as the event. She and I have been fans of theirs for a few years and we were both very excited to go. Personally, TOP has affected my life in a huge and positive way, their music has helped me on so many levels and I couldn't wait to see my heros in person!
(My cousin and I on the car ride to the arena)

For the many months before the concert, I followed what happens at the previous shows in the tour so I would know what to expect. All of the information I had collected from articles, social media, and even from others who had attended, had nothing on experiencing it in real life. Between the meaningful lyrics, the playful use of lights and props, and the constant movement from the band's members, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, there was never a dull moment.

When we got to the Verizon Arena we only had to wait about thirty minutes of standing in line before we were finally inside the venue. Once we were inside, we watched the opening acts, Judah and the Lion and Jon Bellion. Don't get me wrong, the opening acts were great, but we were dying with anticipation to see the main act. After Jon Bellion performed we had to wait what seemed like forever. Finally, a black curtain fell in front of the stage and music began to play, before I could realize what was happening, the nine dots from the cover of their album Blurryface were projected onto the black curtain and morphed into what appeared to be a face. The bridge for their song Fairly Local began to play and the face mouthed along. Once finished, the beat dropped as the curtain fell and the band performed Heavydirtysoul.
(Blurryface projected on the black curtain)

The concert continued and they performed songs like Migraine, Hometown, Polarize, and Lane Boy, which featured two people in hazmat suits like in the music video. Tyler brought out his ukulele and sang House of Gold and The Judge. There was a small stage in the middle of the general admission pit. Both members sprinted through the crowd and performed a cover of My Chemical Romance's song Cancer. As the show progressed, the band’s costumes changed. At the start of the show, both of them were wearing red tuxedos. Then, Tyler sported his famous floral kimono and round white glasses and changed into the skeleton jacket and wore his famous ski mask and red beanie. Josh wore his normal attire and was shirtless for half of the show, wearing an alien ski mask for only one brief song.
Collage 2017-03-06 09_53_05.jpg
(Tyler and Josh’s costumes)

They ended the night by performing covers with the opening acts and singing more upbeat songs while crowd surfing/playing drums on a platform held by the crowd. The most amazing moment of the night for me was when they were singing Goner, which has a deep and emotional meaning for Tyler and many of their fans, and you could hear the whole arena singing along. It was slow and instrumental and the only lights on were the flashlights held by the fans and the single spotlights on Tyler and Josh. You could feel the connection between artist and fan and how much the two members care about their fans. When the song was done, the two stood side by side and took a bow. Tyler thanked everyone for coming and supporting them and said “We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you” then they exited the stage.
(Josh playing drums while crowd surfing)

In conclusion, Twenty One Pilots is a very talented band with two very passionate musicians. If you ever get a chance to hear them live, I would highly recommend taking the opportunity. I know I definitely would do it again!  ~ Kassidy Bolick

(“We are Twenty One Pilots and so are you.”)

Source - All photos and information are my own.

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