Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Soccer Season Is Here; Interview with Tristin Escue, A Junior on the team
By Zach Dawson
Soccer season is here, and the soccer team is ready to get started. They are looking to improve on their not so impressive record from last season, which had them at 2-15. They were supposed to play their first game, a non-conference game Tuesday, February 28 against Wynne, but due to potential weather, it was canceled. They’ll look to open the season up with a win against Crowley’s Ridge Academy on Thursday, March 2. I was able to catch up with Tristin Escue, a captain on the soccer team and ask a few questions about this upcoming season.

Me- Which side of the ball do you feel has had the biggest improvement since last season and why?
Tristin- “Offense because the defense was pretty solid to begin with.”
Me- What is one weakness you feel needs improvement the most?
Tristin- “Communication.”
Me- How important is winning to you?
Tristin- “I enjoy the sport but i enjoy it more when we are winning.”
Me- If you had any advice to give to any new comers on the team this year, what would it be?
Tristin- “Try your hardest. Coach and the players will notice.”
Me- Final Question. What are three goals you have for this year's team?

Tristin- “Be a good passing and communicating team, play until the final buzzer, winning or losing and go to state.”

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