Monday, March 6, 2017

Smoking kills

Once, lung cancer was so rare that doctors took a very special notice when they had a case. There was only about a one in a billion chance of getting it. However through mass production of cigarettes in the 1900’s, a lung cancer epidemic was created. In about the 1950’s through 1960’s it was discovered that cigarettes were the cause. Ever since then, more research has ensued finding more and more health hazards from cigarettes. More than ten times more people have died prematurely from smoking than people killed in every war fought by the U.S. Smoking kills more than HIV, drug abuse, gun related incidents, and car crashes combined. Smoking affects nearly every organ in your body and raises your chance of surviving anything by up to 50%.
So the question is, why do people still smoke? We’ve all heard of how addicting the chemicals in cigarettes are, especially nicotine, so that obviously plays a factor. Nearly three fourths of all people who smoke say that they do so because it de-stresses them and helps them relax. This seems like a good reason to light up and smoke, right? But the thing is, it has been proven that smoking actually increases your stress levels. The relaxing feeling is just from easing your nicotine withdrawal. To put it in an analogy that might make more sense, it's like stabbing yourself, then pulling the knife out. It might feel better to take the knife out, but obviously it isn’t healthy to have a stab wound in the first place.
These facts should have presented another question, why is it still legal to smoke? They're horrible to your health, and it is addictive. There is no reason why it should still be legal. Except for corporate greed. The only reason they are still around is because people are greedy and want more money. There are actually several sections of federal laws that are specifically made for the distribution of cigarettes and they get their own special taxes. In case this hasn’t quite clicked yet, our country is selling an addictive poison, in order to get more money.

Still there is a good chance that people won’t smoke in the next generations. Teen smoking has gone down to just under 20% as of 2016 as opposed to the almost 50% it was in 2000. Most teen non-smokers don’t smoke when they grow up. So there is a good chance that cigarettes will go “extinct”. (Note that none of these statistics include vaping.) ~ Marc Carter

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