Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Preparing for prom by Shamaria Hankerson

Preparing for prom can be so stressful--not so much for boys but definitely for girls. Girls go through about 40 dresses before they find the right one. You find a dress and then you can't find shoes and accessories to go with it. You have to make hair and makeup appointments, and it’s so close to prom that most of the best people are already booked. Girls NEVER procrastinate about prom. Always start a few months early. If you start a little earlier than most people, you won’t be in a crowd when you go and look, and you get some of the best dresses; you will also have a better feeling about the dress. It’s 2017 so there is only a few dresses that I feel like are in style. They are also trending right now. Two-pieces are definitely trending even though they are a little expensive.

2 piece long sleeves are also trending.

Prom Dresses with slits

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