Thursday, March 16, 2017

Miss Warrior Pageant

Westside High School hosted the annual Miss Warrior Pageant on March 4, 2017. There were two sessions with a break in between. In each division there are three special awards. These awards are called Best Dressed, Most Photogenic, and People’s Choice. Best dressed is voted on by the judges. To enter Miss Photogenic, participants have to submit a picture prior to the pageant and the judges vote on the pictures. People’s Choice is decided by the audience. The participant with the most votes wins that award. The Senior Miss division (10th-12th) has an additional award called Miss Congeniality. This is voted on by the contestants and is awarded to one girl. The winners are listed below.

Tiny Miss- (PreK and K)
Queen- Katie Sauser
1st alternate- Teagen Michelle Strickland
2nd alternate- Lukacee Smith
3rd alternate- Madilynn Truelove
4th alternate- Alexey Rayne Kelems
People’s Choice- Jillian Chaplain
Photogenic- Teagen Michelle Strickland
Best dressed- Lukacee Smith

LaPetite Miss- (1st and 2nd)
Queen- Bella Black
1st alternate- Lydia Harpole
2nd alternate- Kirby Conrad
3rd alternate- Lillyan Barber
4th alternate- Lillyan Grace Darnell
People’s Choice- Kaylee McClellan
Photogenic- Bella Black
Best dressed- Lydia Harpole

Petite Miss- (3rd and 4th)
Queen- Abbigale Grace Title
1st alternate- McKyna Craig
2nd alternate- Ashlynn Blaize Jones
3rd alternate- Riley Brandon
4th alternate- Brooklyn Sutterfield
People’s Choice- Abbigale Grace Title
Photogenic- McKyna Craig
Best dressed- Mckyna Craig

Little Miss- (5th and 6th)
Queen- Shawna Whitehurst
1st alternate- Iliana Mancilla
2nd alternate- Seirra Juanita Roberts
3rd alternate- Daiza Locken
4th alternate- Rhea Wilson
People’s Choice- Iliana Mancilla
Photogenic- Shawna Whitehurst
Best dressed- Shawna Whitehurst

Junior Miss- (7th-9th)
Queen- Natalie Claire Davis
1st alternate- Sloane Welch
2nd alternate- Erin Charlize Davis
3rd alternate- Abigail Paige Manley
4th alternate- Whitney Grace Anderson
People’s Choice- Claire Walz
Photogenic- Claire Walz
Best dressed- Whitney Grace Anderson

Senior Miss- (10th-12th)
Queen- Maranda Breann Lee
1st alternate- Laura Elizabeth Hall
2nd alternate- Bailee Fayeth Crowe
3rd alternate- Makaelyn Hailey Jarman
4th alternate- Julia LeBaron
Miss Congeniality- Julia Lebaron
People’s Choice- Bailee Fayeth Crowe
Photogenic- Laura Elizabeth Hall
Best dressed- Maranda Breann Lee

~ Maranda Lee and Jacob Meeks

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