Thursday, March 30, 2017

Foods grow in strange ways by Jaycee Hughes

Pineapple - Here is a shocker to many people: pineapples grow from the center of a bush. They are also considered to be a berry since they grow in clusters. (They are expensive because it takes 2- 3 years to grow.)
Cacao/ Cocoa Beans - The cacao bean is grown from a tree, but everyone just focuses on what is inside--the cocoa seed (chocolate); before it can be ground up to be made into chocolate, you must first roast and ferment it.
Vanilla - Only one type of bee can pollinate this orchid; it is only found in Mexico and Central America. Other vanilla must be hand pollinated. ( This is the reason it is so expensive.)

Asparagus - It regrows like tiny, skinny trees. It is a “perennial” plant, which means that in the right conditions it will grown back every year even if you cut it. After a long period of time, it grows leaves to resemble a fern and grows toxic little red berries.

Cashews: They grow on trees. The cashew nut is encased in a shell at the base of the cashew fruit-- commonly known as the cashew apple. In some countries the ‘apple’ is made into jellies, drinks, and sometimes distilled into a liquor.

Peanuts- Peanuts are actually not a nut. They are actually legumes, putting them in the same grouping as kidney and lima beans.

Coffee- Most people know the famous look of the coffee bean, but how many know of the cherry like fruit that the seed comes from? It is grown on a plant that many describe as a bush or small tree. It is called coffea arabica (which also inspired Herbal Essence to mimic the smell for one of their new natural scents).Most people ignore the fruit that the seed is encased in, but it can be brewed into a tea that is used for prayer to Muhammad, and they would also grind the entire fruit to make flavored coffee. In Africa the berries are often chewed to gather the strength from the seed without the extreme bitter taste of the coffee seed.

Artichokes: They are actually a flower that hasn’t bloomed yet.  It is also hidden in the middle of a cluster of flowers.

Brussel Sprouts: They are a part of the cabbage; they are edible buds that grow on a stalk rising about 2 - 2 ½ feet tall. When at full maturity, in many organic stores, you can actually buy the brussel sprouts on the stalk that you pick off yourself. (It is actually pretty fun, but it is sometimes hard to get the sprouts off without a knife or strength.)

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