Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Ancient Greek Thinkers by Brandon Smith

There were many ancient Greek philosophers, the most famous is Socrates. He found himself on trial for many of his teachings. Finally at the age of 70, Socrates willingly drank hemlock, which was a powerful poison during that time. Why was it that the Athenians put a great philosopher to death so easily?
Throughout Socrates’ entire life, he questioned everything he came across. His goal was to find out the truth. He believed that he could accomplish this by knowledge and reason. Socrates practiced an unorthodox style of teaching, known as the Socratic Method. He taught through questions and hoped it would lead to a deeper understanding of the subject. Many problems began to occur when he questioned the fundamentals of the Greek society. It was based on this alone, which finally led to his death.
Plato was a student of Socrate, and he wrote down many of his ideas. One of his greatest works, The Republic, outlined his view on the ideal state to live in. Plato was very angry about the way all the Athenians had agreed to put his mentor to death. He believed that uneducated people should not have the right to make an important decision. In his ideal society, the people lived in a hierarchy where they all contributed what they could do for everyone. This idea was soon shut down, due to the democratic time period he was living in.

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