Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Projector problems at Westside High School


Projector quality is a problem at Westside.
Out of 27 high school teachers who had their projectors looked at and tested, only 12 were able to be labeled as “perfect.” One of these perfect projectors belongs to Mrs. Eggers, and the only reason that it’s readable is because she just got a brand new one.
One of the best projectors that we looked at was in Mr. Dupwe’s room. When asked about this, he said that his projector is actually older than most others in the school, but since it works he never got it replaced.
11 are fuzzy, some so badly that they can barely be read (especially Mrs. Riggs’s projector, which was referred to as “the worst” by several teachers and students”).
1 was discolored if plugged in incorrectly, so it had to be exact in order to work properly.
3 had separate problems, such as Mrs. Cline’s which doesn’t work at all (and even if it did, she said that she didn’t know how to use it anyway).
-Megan Howlett & Kayla Dietsche (editors for the blog).

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