Thursday, February 16, 2017

Leaky ceilings: Inside a school on the downfall

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     Have you ever walked into a teacher's class and stepped into puddles of water?
Our very own Westside High School teacher has a daily struggle with this. Mrs. Edlemon has been in this classroom for two years now. She soon discovered this room was a nightmare. One day she saw a drip come down her wall. She thought nothing of it because it was raining outside. Within minutes, she understood the severity of her issue. Ever since that day, she dreads the rainy days. Mrs. Edlemon's situation has been ignored for too long. I want to put a light to this dreary situation. She has been forced to use mop heads to soak up the water. These mops have begun to grow mold due to how long this has gone on.

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The abuse of this situation has led me to believe Westside High School has more serious issues to attend to. That is what I thought when I first interviewed her. Two days later, we got water fountains with built in water bottle fillers. While everyone was star struck by this, I was angered. These retail for anywhere from $1,217 to $2,294. This was money frivolously spent on non-essential things. Our teacher was forced to take matters into her own hands because higher authority acted as if it was no big deal.
Reports say this situation has been recurring since Mrs. Wilson first moved into that classroom. Mrs. Edlemon wishes something would be done. "There have been people in my room since that last rain, that have looked at it. I have not received any word on it being fixed," said Mrs. Edlemon. Mrs Edlemon already has enough on her plate. She teaches three different classes, coaches softball, coaches tennis, and studies in spare time to improve her skills in all areas.
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Not only is this just a gross thing to stare at in your class-- it is dangerous. She teaches computer classes. Let me give an example to put it into perspective. If we got five inches of rain, her room could be flooded causing a problem. This is an electrocution hazard if someone were to step into her room. I hope this sheds light on a problem at Westside that should have been fixed a long time ago. Stay bright - Megan Howlett (Editor of Block four)

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