Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Lady Warrior Basketball is coming to an end

Basketball is coming to an end for our three seniors Hayley Sykes, Sydney Ford and Shelby Leonard. We have had a great season with these girls, and they have definitely finished their last year strong. Hayley Sykes played shooting guard and has been an all around great player. She is very tough and does not take anyone's stuff. She has a great attitude on the court as well. Sykes can shoot the mess out of 3 pointers; she has had at least 3 or more a game. Sydney Ford played point guard, and she is a great basketball player as well. She has a great outlook and is always willing to help people out. She is always saying things like “Good job and keep it up.” Without Sydney, the Lady Warrior Basketball team has a harder time getting into the plays and even running plays. Sydney is a very athletic basketball player; she is very quick once she has the ball. Sydney is a left hand player. Last but not least is Shelby Leonard. She went from playing inside from becoming, not only a wing player, but also she has stepped up and helped with the point guard position. She has done a wonderful job this year. We will miss our seniors dearly. - Jaedyn Wagner

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