Thursday, February 16, 2017

It's Getting Close
A lot is coming up at Westside. It’s getting close to spring break and prom, and the only thing that’s on the seniors’ mind-- graduation. I've heard so many seniors say, “I am so ready for May” or “I’m so ready to be done.”  Most don’t realize that after May 12th, we are done and will never come back to Westside as a high school student. We will all go our separate way,s and it’s going to be hard, As of today, our last official day of school is 91 days away, and graduation is 101 days away. It’s crazy that we only have three more weeks in this nine weeks, and we are in the home stretch. I hope every senior is enjoying these last few months we have left as students and realize how much each one flies by. Enjoy each minute.
-Felicia Graham

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