Thursday, February 23, 2017

Freeze or be written up for having a blanket - Brooke Peyton

On Thursday at 12:00, Assistant Principal Coach George sent out an email clearly stating that “We are no longer going to allow you to have blankets with you at school.” Some students say they are naturally cold, and that’s why they like blankets. In his email he stated that “if you are cold, bring a jacket or wear a sweatshirt.” One of our editors even said that they have seen some students with both jackets and blankets because a jacket just isn't enough.” I have heard that Ms. Chapman has complained multiple times that students are more likely to sleep with a blanket, and she deemed it unprofessional. Sandy Nichols said to her class, “What if your teacher, doctor or lawyer were to walk in with a blanket?” Editor Megan Howlett said, “Naturally I would just think ‘oh he is cold’ and go on with my life.” George said that the punishment for having a blanket at school would be a write up for insubordination after the 22nd. What are your thoughts on this new school rule? Feel free to comment your opinion down below.



  2. I don't get why students are so upset about this rule. We are not two year olds anymore who have to carry our blankie with us everywhere we go. School is supposed to be here to educate and train us for the real world. I'm sorry but I have never seen someone in the professional world wear a blanket to work. I also wouldn't think they were "just cold." To me it looks childish and unprofessional. Dress accordingly to the weather, and you will be fine.