Friday, February 10, 2017

Bad traffic with no signs

Chart No 233 - Traffic Signstraffic signs, traffic signal, stop, slow, go, traffic police, zebra crossing, one way, overtaking prohibited, left turn, u turn prohibited, no parking, no entry, narrow road ahead, unguarded level crossing, guarded level crossing, no horn, silence zone, narrow bridge, speed breaker, hair pin bend, steep road, speed limit, t inter section, zig zag road, pedestrain prohibited, pedestrian crossing, round about, blow horn, petrol pump ahead, accident prone zone, go slow, traffic rules

I am a student at Westside who drives to school on occasion and would like to talk about how our school's parking lot does not have arrows pointing in the direction a car should be going. Traffic is really bad in the afternoon when everyone is trying to leave at the same time. Not having arrows pointing the way for them is a big issue. There has been a lot of road rage that I have witnessed with students in a hurry to leave; these students will pull out in front of other people who are also trying to get out. I think that the parking lot should be upgraded and should have arrows and other signs that could lower the possibility of traffic jams on school grounds.

I have talked to a few students and teachers about this and asked them what they have to say: Hunter G. said, “I think there should be arrows to direct people where to go whether parking or dropping off students. I've witnessed several encounters where wrecks almost happened because of people not knowing where to go.”  Mrs.Riggs said, “I think we need to add the arrows to ensure clarity for everyone,” and Mrs. James agrees. Blake Jones said, “Arrows are not really bad, but traffic in the morning and afternoon is. We need more ways or a better way to get out (sic). With both buses and cars leaving at the same time, it takes forever to get out of the parking lot.” Mr. Parks said, “I think they should do an additional right turn lane into the high school. Adding a “parking lot only” lane coming in from behind the softball field might help so only parents dropping off students come in from the gym.” I got a lot of good responses. Making new ways to enter and leave the parking lot will help with this situation. Being able to enter and leave the parking lot without having to wait for a long period of time would take the stress out of students. -Kaitlyn Back       

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