Friday, February 17, 2017

Aliens: the secret the government is keeping from us

Image result for area 51 pictures
(Area 51)
Area 51 is something all people know about but only select few people believe that it actually houses all the alien ships and beings we have encountered throughout the years. Area 51 is an air force base located in the government research and test site in Nevada. It was then believed to house all of our meetings with ET’s  (Extra Terrestrial). The flying saucer that was located in Roswell, New Mexico was believed to be taken and researched at Area 51. Image result for area 51 pictures
(Sign outside of Area 51)

There is also an account of government officials actually testing and flying an alien spacecraft. Today the speculations are still there as to whether or not the government is still testing and researching on any extraterrestrial life or not.
~ Dylan Painter

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