Sunday, January 22, 2017

What's up in EAST

Update on EAST by Keeley Hester
I am in EAST 4th block, and here are some projects that are going on during that period. There are a total of five project teams each with a different project. The first project is Athletic Facilities and includes the students Bre Wiseman, Gabby Edison, and myself. The second project is Westside School Campus Map which includes Jaxxton Glidewell, Zack Pennington, and Maddie Kemp. The third project is the Career Fair which includes Emily Morris, Jakhaila Lockhart, Devonna Fowler, Gage Pipkin, and two other students who are not in EAST but have decided to still participate: Jacob Cook and Josie Crisler. The fourth project is the Outdoor Classroom which includes Hailey Davis, Kaytlyn Ferguson, Madison Newman, and Katelyn Ainsworth. The last project in the 4th block of EAST is the 3D Heart Model which includes Brandon Smith and Andrew Yokum. All of these projects use some type of hardware and software provided by EAST and by the help of the EAST facilitator Mrs.Chapman.
This year is the first year for Westside to have this EAST class, and this is also the first year that students from Westside will be participating in the 2017 EAST Conference. This conference is in Hot Springs, and a total of 8 students will go to represent Westside EAST.  Seventeen people applied for the eight spots, and the students chosen for this conference are: Tyler Wood - 9th grade, Maddie Kemp - 10th grade, Braidyn Milner - 10th grade, Mallory Smith - 11th grade, Gage Pipkin - 11th grade, Brittney Grass - 11th grade, Carissa Moneyhan - 12th grade, and Emery Davis - 12th grade. This conference is from March 14-16, 2017, and the theme this year is “Level Up EAST Mode.” There are many competitions that students can participate in like the Music Competition, “Picture Up!” Video Competition, and the Fay Jones Architectural Challenge.

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