Friday, January 27, 2017

What are we learning for?

Do you ever get extremely exhausted of school? Ever wonder what you’re doing it for?
I’m actually wondering the same thing. We spent multiple hours of our weeks going to school and studying topics we won't need to know anything about after we take the test for it. Where I’m learning about every part of the atom, I could be learning how to do something I’ll need to know in the future. I find myself constantly wondering how to actually live in the world after high school. Who will teach me this? I mean, how many other students feel the same way?
Do you know how to buy a house? Do you know how to open a bank account, or did your parents do that? File Taxes? Buy your own car?
I’m scared for our future because of just how little we actually know about the world after high school, but what can we do?
If you didn’t think this was an issue before, maybe you will now.
--Que Sera Sera

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