Friday, January 27, 2017

Uncountable Truth Documentary- Mason Jones

This documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, honestly changed my opinion on climate change. I’ve always had an issue with trust, especially when it comes to trusting a politician. The war between Democrats and Republicans has spread into almost every aspect of our lives, but there has to be somewhere to draw the line. There comes a point when the issue is so serious that we have to put aside our personal agendas, or the world we know will cease to exist and these issues will seem minuscule compared to the chaos created by climate change.
I feel like this documentary was created with one goal-- to enlighten people on the dangers we could be facing due to climate change. As hard as I find it to trust a politician, I’m almost the complete opposite about scientists. I feel like most scientists are in search of the truth. They are curious people who hate disinformation and who look for facts. One thing that scientists unanimously agree on is the fact that Earth is getting warmer due to the increase of C02 present in the atmosphere. This is an undisputed fact and was delivered for the most part as it should have been.  With Al Gore citing scientific data, real numbers that no one can argue with, I was starting to turn my opinion on the topic.
While the presentation shined on its use of facts, it was the delivery of said facts that made me question the motives of Al Gore. Charts were used throughout the documentary, and I liked it at first because it puts the data in front of you so that you can easily interpret it. But when I stopped and further examined these charts, I discovered that they were exaggerated. They seemed to lean further to propaganda than actual scientific research.  This made me wonder, why not show things as they are? Why stretch the truth to make things seem worse than they are?
I pondered that thought for a while as we revisited the video; it was still fresh in my mind. This time when we watched Al Gore was talking about how much sea levels would rise if the earth’s warming continued at the pace it’s going at right now. As Al Gore interpreted the scientific data, I understood why he used the exaggerated graphs. The earth’s sea levels are predicted to rise 20 feet. This could lead to over 100 million refugees, complete country's disappearing, and complete devastation. And it seems like no one is listening. No one wants to hear the warnings. I understand why he is trying to scare people. He has dedicated his life to this for 30 years, and we are on the same course.
I believe that we have got to change the way we live our lives, or we will regret it. Our children will resent us for taking away the world that we have now. Mother nature will hate us and punish us with natural disasters. Everything will change if we don't.

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