Sunday, January 22, 2017

To infinity and below by Marc Carter

  The last major space mission that occurred was in 1998 when NASA launched the Hubble Space Telescope. So a lot of people have wondered what exactly it is that they’ve been up to. After all, it's been over eighteen years. The only few launches they’ve had since then have been for satellite repairs, food, and occasionally switching out the crew.
Believe it or not, NASA is still extremely active, just not entirely for space. Most of the research and projects Nasa is currently doing is meant for Earth itself. They’re developing new technology for human robot interfaces, transportation and aeronautics. Every single U.S. aircraft and air traffic control tower has NASA-developed technology installed. The aeronautic projects and research alone brings in about 1.5 trillion dollars every year and provides about 11.5 million jobs.
But they are still planning for future space projects. As they are always trying to answer the question “is there other life in space,” NASA is trying to develop a new space telescope that’s even better than the last one. One of the very common misconceptions is that we’ve already been to Mars. While we have sent the robotic rover to Mars, mankind has not set foot on the planet’s surface. NASA is also trying to correct this and is hoping to have completed a mission to send a group of four astronauts to Mars by 2020. If all goes well and no “little green men” show up, then they will launch a colony project called “Mars One” which will send about 200 common everyday people to go and live on Mars for about four years, which they are currently taking applications for. So for any aspiring high school students looking for a trip into space, look into the Mars one.

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