Thursday, January 19, 2017

Senseless tragedy by Jade Vignoe

Gary Holmes, a thirty-three year old man, has just surrendered to his brutal crime facing a capital murder charge. He has killed three year old Acen King over ignorant road rage. Acen King and his grandmother were going Christmas shopping in Little Rock, Arkansas. The grandmother came to a stop sign and was about to take off when Gary suddenly got out of his car, pulled out a gun, and opened fire into the grandmother’s car. The unstruck grandmother drove off quickly into the nearest parking lot, which happened to be at JC Penney’s. The grandmother had no clue that little Acen was hit by the bullet. She rapidly dialed 911 to report what just happened. Police and ambulance arrived to carry Acen to a hospital. Shortly after, Acen  died. The police didn’t know who did it. There was a $40,000 reward for the man that never was given out because the man had turned himself in to the police on December 17th, 2016. He has been charged with capital murder and charged with two counts of carrying out a terrorist attack.
Little Acen King

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