Tuesday, January 10, 2017

School lunches

Everyone at our school knows how bad and little our lunches are. It is either too small an amount or so bland that no one wants to eat it. The lunches are supposed to be a healthy meal that everyone can enjoy. It should also be filling. The school lunches are some kids only source of food for the day. They are supposed to fill us up for the rest of the day until dinner, but with the small amount that they give us, kids just go home and eat more at home. If kids go home and eat unhealthy foods, then the supposedly healthy lunches they serve us are pointless. But there is always one day that we have a good day of food like hot and spicy chicken sandwiches or chicken strips. To make the lunches better, they just need to get food of higher quality and start to give us a little more food. Another idea could save money; we could just do open school lunches. That would be great. ~ Austin Tyler and Tyke Taylor

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  1. Remember that our school follows the nutritional guidelines mandated by the U.S. government.