Friday, January 27, 2017

Resident Evil 7- Kaevyn Spencer

On January 24th, 2017 Resident Evil 7 released worldwide. Resident Evil 7 is the latest and newest first person survival horror game that is available for PS4 and PS4 VR, Xbox One, and PC. The game begins with Ethan traveling to Dulvey, Louisiana after receiving an email from Mia (his wife) to find her there despite the fact that she had gone missing three years ago and was presumed dead. When Ethan arrives to the area that she had emailed him to go to, he finds a seemingly abandoned farmhouse with Mia imprisoned in the basement where she warns him that they must escape before the family finds them. The Baker family is a family of people who have injected themselves with some sort of virus that has made them aggressive and easily agitated as well as giving them the unrealistic ability to regenerate themselves and not feel any pain, and if this wasn’t enough, the virus also made it to where they only eat humans; the family has been kidnapping people for years. Resident Evil 7 is definitely a game to get before this year is over-- especially if you like survival horror games. This game also has twelve different endings so have fun finding them all.--Kaevyn Spenceres

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