Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Our 9th and 10th grade Pre-AP and regular English teacher Ms. McCloud has been teaching here since the spring of 2002. Ms. McCloud is very devoted to her profession because she wants to make a difference to her students. She wants to make every student learn something and have a huge smile on their face to make their day better. She loves Westside because of all the wonderful students that she has had and taught throughout her years. She becomes very agitated about the apathy students here at Westside show at times. It gets under her skin when kids who are very smart are too lazy and are not concerned about their grades or school in general.
Throughout her years of teaching, Ms. McCloud has had some interesting things happen to her. She has been involved with different organizations and most importantly has been traveling with her students to experience different cultures.
Ms. McCloud’s after school hobbies are reading, doing puzzles, coloring, fishing, and camping. She spends every moment she can capturing those memories with her wonderful grandchildren. She is devoted to her grand kids.
Ms. McCloud's advice to you is to care. Don’t come to school and just worry about getting that grade up; come to school and actually learn something so that you can use it in life. Also she wants you to keep learning. Keep trying. You can do this.

(Jade posses with Ms. McCloud)

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