Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Obama bans offshore drilling

Since Obama’s presidency is coming to a subtle close, he is making one final push for environmental protection. Obama is now using a little-known provision in a 1953 law, which basically allows Obama to ban offshore drilling for gas and oil. Many environmental groups hope that this will be a permanent ban on offshore drilling. The White House also thinks that it will be hard for other presidents to make legal changes to this ban. The Arctic is only 0.1% of the offshore crude oil production in the United States, but many oil and gas industries objected to the ban. The oil and gas industries leaders have said that a change in the global drilling production could cause the country to revert back to an energy-dependent nation.
Although environmentalists were looking for a ban long before Trump’s presidency, Obama appears to be trying to limit the power of Donald Trump. Trump has vowed to lead a domestic energy revolution, but it seems that Obama has plans to change that outlook. An environmental group argued that the environmental effects of not having this ban could lead to a hurt in fishing, tourism and other businesses in the region. ~ Brandon Smith

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