Monday, January 30, 2017

MLK day should be acknowledged

Students at Westside were pretty upset about going to school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day due to the one snow day we had the week prior. We have attended school on the day every year besides one, and we are being labeled as racist for going to school on the holiday. We asked students how they felt about having to make up the snow day on the holiday, and they were pretty irate. The students are tired of being called racist for something that they cannot control. Some people are getting the wrong ideas about our school just because of one holiday that we ended up going to school on. We could have made the snow day up on another day. It  didn’t have to be on that holiday. It was rude and not respectful at all to have this day considered a snow make-up day . Westside needs to start caring more towards the students and the holidays that we celebrate. The teachers also felt remorse for the students that were of color that had to go to school on the holiday instead of celebrating a great American hero and a role model everyone can mold their lives after.-Tyke Taylor and Austin Tyler

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