Sunday, January 22, 2017

Minimum wage by Shamaria Hankerson

If you are currently employed, you know that minimum wage went up 50 cents at the first of the year. In the year 2016, minimum wage was just $8.00. This year it has changed to $8.50, and that started on January 1st 2017. When you hear that minimum wage went up, you think like, “Oh! I get more money that I can spend on things” not knowing that when minimum wage increases, the prices of other things that you need increases also. Let's look at, for example, the gas prices. The price of gas may have been $1.97 in 2016, but because minimum wage went up, it went up a few cents by the gallon. Gas is currently $2.06 for just one gallon. There is a good side and bad side about the increased minimum wage. When people get more money, they pay more for necessities and even things that you want. The moral of the story is MORE, MORE, MORE !

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