Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is Craighead County a dry county?

Is Craighead County a dry county? That would be the correct question to ask. Reason being we are the wettest dry county in all of Arkansas or at least the northeast portion of it. The topic of making our county wet or staying dry has been brought up many times at city council meetings, and the vote always stays at keeping our county dry. But does it completely? You can still buy alcohol at any restaurant that serves it, and there is almost always a liquor store at every side of our county line. Just because we keep our county dry doesn’t mean we can’t keep the alcohol from coming in. There has been a total of 19,742 arrests for drunk driving in Arkansas; 599 of those arrests had fatalities along with them. If we were to make our county wet where people wouldn’t have to drive outside of the county to get their liquor, and don’t have to go to a bar to get their fix, it would double maybe even triple. It would also see the construction of several alcohol stores all over the county, which would make alcohol available to anyone at any time. If I was to play devil's advocate here making our county wet would make our cities and businesses a lot of money with the taxes that would be placed on the liquor. It would also give people jobs and would be more reasonable. But either way you look at it making Craighead County a wet county would not be a good idea. We should just stick to the half and half county we are and try to prevent DUI’S and DWI’S from happening. http://www.dui-usa.drinkdriving.org/ ~ Dylan Painter

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