Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Giving to those in need

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of giving has to be. A popular phrase that you may hear from charities is “charity begins at home.” However, given the country we live in which is full of immigrants, many Americans feel that we should help other countries. There are several charities to donate to that will help people all over the world. These charities help do pretty much anything you can think of that could help people--whether it’s helping food production, developing clean water sources, managing the environment, and building schools or houses, all of the funds will help others.
Some of the larger foundations that help poverty stricken countries in need are: one percent, Americare, ANERA, and Africare.
one percent - one percent is an organization and group of businesses that donate at least one percent of all of their profits to help countries in need all over the world. Every part of your donation goes directly into projects. The charity is non-profit.
Americare - Americare is an organization based on helping countries that have been stricken with disaster. Americare also helps fund for schools and hospitals to countries lacking in modern medicine.
ANERA - ANERA (American near East refugee aid) is a charity that helps communities in Palestine and Lebanon and others in the Middle East. ANERA is dedicated to addressing needs with sustainable solutions and also provides support in emergencies. ANERA is one of the largest non profit organizations helping in the Middle East.

Africare - Africare is an organization dedicated to aiding in the agricultural and health needs all across Africa. They aid in economic development, nutrition, water quality, sanitation, hygiene, and also aids in women and youth empowerment in Africa. ~ Marc Carter

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