Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ever Wonder What Those Stains On The Ceilings Are?

If you haven't noticed, then just look up! The school has these spots in almost every classroom!!! Talking to 3 of our janitors and other staff, we got some intel on what these spots actually are.
They said that the spots could actually be a number of things, such as, a leak in the roof. Since the roof is flat, the water doesn’t have anywhere to go but a hole or crack in the roof. Another possibility for these nasty eyesores is none other than condensation from the air conditioners!! Sometimes the trays that catch the condensation in the ceiling overflow or get holes or leaks in them, and if you’re wondering; yes, these spots can grow mold over time!! These spots are definitely a problem, but to fix every leak or hole is almost impossible and doesn’t seem to be on the to-do list for the school…
The teachers can replace the ceiling tiles in their classroom and in the hallways with just a simple request, but even the teachers don't seem too worried about the topic.
-Que sera sera


  1. There is a small, brown stain on my ceiling. It is all that remains up there of Penny, beloved ceiling pancake. My homeroom tossed her up there the first week of school, and she saw us through a semester. Alas, after Christmas I came back to find her on the floor, fallen, cold and dead. Now she's nothing but a stain, some lovely memories, and a broken pancake sitting on the supply shelf, dreaming of super glue and happier days.

    -Mrs. Watson

  2. good times i remember that day.