Thursday, January 5, 2017

Can we build a snowman?

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☃Can we build a snowman?☃

Our local weather team at Region 8 News has forecasted a possibility of snow on January 5th or 6th. The team said that the front is fast moving and will be bringing in freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, this storm doesn’t have much moisture with it, which means it will not produce much snow at all. Even if the storm were stronger, it wouldn’t matter for us living in Craighead County as the first storm is above us and the second is below us. Craighead County is just stuck in the middle lucky to even see a few snowflakes fall.
Ryan posted this image of the radar showing the two storms on his blog. As you can see Craighead county is stuck in the middle. Source:

Even so, the counties above and below us are just receiving a dusting. If Craighead County students were hoping for school closings, then they need to hope for the next storm to be more winter-like than this one. Hopefully the next storm will also be snow instead of the ice that Craighead County usually gets. So, if you want to be a snowman, you are going to have to get crafty. ~Kali Gipson

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