Monday, January 30, 2017

Brantley Gilbert biography by Chris Potts

  Brantley Gilbert is an American country music singer. He was born on January 20, 1985 in Jefferson, GA. Brantley is also 32 years of age. He grew up hearing country music, rock, and southern rock bands. At Brantley's best he learns how to blend it all together into his music. Brantley had a car accident  when he was 19, and then it spurred him to give music all he has. The day that Brantley wrecked he had been drinking, and his friend tried to take his keys. but he swung at him and Brantley got in his truck and took off down U.S. 129 near his home town in GA. Brantley went off the road and took out a sign, and it went through the windshield and came out the back glass while hitting a tall patch of grass. Gilbert's truck flipped end over end five or six times, then on the last flip, the front of his truck came down smashing into a big oak tree. Brantley was ejected out of the back glass of his truck. When he was ejected from his truck, Brantley was airborne for about 15 feet. and then some how amazingly landed on his feet. He said he stumbled and fell after that. His mother convinced him that he was not lucky that he was blessed. Shortly after that Brantley returned to the scene and said himself, “If I lived through something like that, then there is something I am supposed to be doing,” and he said that is music!
The truck accident is where his song “Halfway to Heaven” came from. It also tells a story about the wreck. The video “The Truth on Old 129” is about the wreck too.
He started writing songs and doing solos before forming a band that brought his view of a hard stomping country/rock/soul music that he likes. His music is about life-- his life. It really touches the heart. His music is closer to the Heartland. Brantley moved to Nashville, TN and signed a contract. His music is recorded from the liking of Jason Aldean and Colt Ford. Brantley also does hunting shows and stuff too. He has a big heart, and he puts his all into everything he does. Since none of us can talk to him personally, we can at least learn through his music and take his advice. I certainly do and most everyone needs to listen to his music. It will touch you and make you think about a lot of things.

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