Sunday, January 22, 2017

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ASBOA Region V Junior - Senior High All-Region Clinic
All-Region for band gives students the chance to show off their instrumental skills by auditioning to be placed in one of two bands. These All-Region bands are made up of high school kids from a region of Arkansas. Westside High School is included in region V.  There are two Jr. High All-Region bands and two Sr. High All-Region bands. Westside High school had eight students make Jr. High All-Region and five students made Sr. High All-Region.
Students who made Jr. High All-Region:
  • Melody Smith - Flute; 1st band, 2nd  chair
  • Riley Dunham - Baritone; 1st band, 2nd chair
  • Jacob Woodward - Trombone; 1st band, 8th chair
  • Brianna Ferguson - Clarinet; 1st band, 26th chair
  • Luke Walz - Trombone; 2nd band, 2nd chair
  • Camille Estes - Trumpet; 2nd band, 3rd chair
  • Alex Nickell - Flute; 2nd band, 4th chair
  • Hailey Wooten - Clarinet; 2nd band, 7th chair
Students who made Sr. High All-Region:
  • Chase Hoots - Alto Saxophone; 1st band, 2nd chair
  • Destiny Hopper - Clarinet; 1st band, 8th chair
  • Kali Gipson - Clarinet; 2nd band, 10th chair
  • Taylor Rockers - Clarinet; 2nd band, 14th chair
  • Alyssa Wooten - Clarinet; 2nd band, 18th chair
  • Chase Hoots and Destiny Hopper also qualified to go to All-State in February.

These thirteen students will be attending the ASBOA Region V  Friday, January 20 all Sr. high and Jr. high band will meet at the ASU Fowler Center for registration. After being seated in your band, a three hour rehearsal, two hours and forty-five minuet for Jr. high, begins. Next comes a two hour supper break. Then it is back for another two hour rehearsal.  The next day, Saturday, January 21, all bands will have a three hour and fifteen minute rehearsal in the morning. Then there will be a one and a half hour break for lunch. After lunch the concerts begin. Making these bands is recognized as a high achievement that takes dedication and lots of practice.

~Kali Gipson

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