Monday, December 12, 2016

Unique DIY Christmas Decoration by Allison Jones

Unique Christmas Decorations
Here are some unique ways to decorate your home for Christmas!
  1. Make a modern style wreath --- What you will need: styrofoam circle, ornaments, hot glue gun Instructions: First, you take the metal tops of the ornaments off. Then, you put hot glue on the top of the ornament and stick it on the styrofoam. Do this until it is fully covered. After covering it with bigger ornaments, you can go back and add smaller ones to give it some dimension. Then you are done. :)         
                                    Here is one that I made.
      2. Wooden Tree --- What you will need: paint, wood
          Instructions: First, you need something to paint. I got mine as a pre made wooden tree from Hobby Lobby, but you are welcome to make your own. To make your own, you just need Glue small wooden rectangles to one bigger one. Then you just paint it (and add glitter of course).
                                          Here is the one that I made.

3. Put a real tree in your room --- Getting a real baby tree in your room will make it smell like Christmas and look extremely festive! And after Christmas is over, you can plant it in your yard.  Mine     is a Colorado Blue Spruce from Lowe’s and was $10.00.  

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