Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies- Brooke Peyton

How to Bake: Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

For a simple thanksgiving cooke all you need are the following ingredients:
  • One roll of Pillsbury™ refrigerated sugar cookies
  • One container of chocolate icing
  • Candy corn
  • Orange icing(for decorating)
  • Chocolate candies(such as m&m’s or reeses)
  • Ziplock bag

Step 1
Bake the cookies as it says on the package. Let them cool completely for ten minutes.

Step 2
Put the chocolate icing into a ziplock bag and seal it off. Cut a hole in the edge of the bag. Squeeze icing in the corner of one side of the cookie and add candy corn as the feathers to your liking.

Step 3
Put orange icing into a ziplock again bag and decorate the turkey’s legs and face. Attach the chocolate candies with icing.

-Brooke P.

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