Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Strange Christmas traditions In Australia by Shamaria Hankerson
In Australia, children have Christmas from the middle of December until early February. In most states around Christmas time it is cold or at least a little chilly or maybe even snowing. Well not in Australia. In Australia it is so hot around Christmas time. It’s not unusual at all for parts of Australia to hit 100 degrees at Christmas time. During Christmas time in Australia, going to the beach and having cookouts are very common. It’s very typical for families to have family gatherings, do gift exchanges, and even have barbeque.
On Christmas Eve, Australians either hang wreaths on their front door or go out for Christmas Carol. They also do things that most Americans do like decorating their house, lights, gardens, and other things with Christmas lights. Neighbors in Australia have competitions to see who has the best light displays. Australians also raise money for charity around Christmas time with their Christmas displays. Australians have a bush called the “Christmas Bush”. It is a small green bush with cream colored flowers and the flowers change colors around Christmas time. In each city and capital there is a large Carol by candlelight services. Not only do the local people sing these carols but famous people also help sing these carols around Christmas. The carols that they sing are taped and broadcasted all over Australia. They also have pageants that are broadcasted around the country. They have festivals and parades just like us. Since it is not winter time in Australia at Christmas time, when they sing Christmas songs they change up some of the lyrics when they talk about snow and winter. They also make Australian Carols. It says that when it gets time for Santa to come, instead of him having on his red and white Santa uniform, he takes that off and puts on something thinner. This is so that he won't be all hot and sweaty while delivering presents to little kids on Christmas.
Most families try to be home at Christmas time to celebrate with their families and each the Christmas meal at lunch time. They usually have barbeque, fish, different kinds of seafood and they also eat a variety of english foods. They have a fish supermarket that sells seafood and other items and it’s usually backed up but really backed up on Christmas. Australians also eat crackers on Christmas at dinner time. That is very unusual because I’ve never seen that at Christmas time. At least with my family. Maybe they eat the crackers with their seafood or use it to soak up the bones when they accidentally swallow a bone while eating fish.
Christmas in Australia is somewhat similar to Christmas here in the united states. Some families eat the same food as us, other families eat different foods. For example some families eat barbeque but because it is so cold here in the united states, us Americans don’t eat barbeque. In some states you may be even snowed in. Not saying that Americans can’t barbeque at Christmas time, they choose not to because it's too cold and they do that in the summer time. The Weird Christmas traditions include it being hot on Christmas, families having Christmas on the beach,and Santa Claus not wearing his official uniform, instead he wears things that don’t have a lot of layering. An extra Christmas tradition that Australia has is Christmas being from mid december to the beginning of February. These things are rare in the United States but they are common in Australia.

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