Wednesday, December 14, 2016

South African Christmas- Dalton Cassels

Christmas in South Africa is celebrated in the summertime, when it is warm and the flowers are blooming. Christmas dinner is usually roasted goat, mince pies, yam plum pudding, and  malva pudding. South Africa's Christmas dinner is a picnic outside. After the dinner they gather on the countryside and play games. That night families gather for a firework show. In South Africa they mainly emphasize going to church rather than giving gifts. Most people can’t afford to give gifts like we can. If a gift is bought it is something that can be used year round, like a new dress for church, school books, soap and candles. There are not even a lot of places to buy gifts in South Africa. Homemade gifts are made from leaves, and the children wear the dresses on Christmas day to go door to door singing and dancing for the citizens. They start singing their Christmas songs in October. Christmas trees are usually mango trees and are decorated with bells and candles. Instead of having “santa claus” they call him sinterklaas or kersvader, everyone knows him as father Christmas. Geseende kersfees is how they say merry Christmas in South Africa.

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