Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Senior year

Senior year started as soon as my junior year ended. As soon as we got out of school, football started almost as soon as the final bell rang. We knew we had a big task at hand, trying surpass our record of 3-8 the year before. We started weights at 6:00am and began full pad practice an hour later. We had a pad camp after only three days of practice, playing 4 games back to back to back to back. We played GCT, Brookland, Corning, and our season opening team and non-conference rivals, the Manila Lions. We didn’t keep score in the pre season games, but we knew we had won.
Season came and we had to play Manila at their home field. It was a hard fought battle but they came out on top thanks to a few bad calls by the refs and a couple of our key players went down with injury. So we started the season off with a loss but we knew that one bump in the road wasn’t going to stop us from accomplishing our goal. Our next game was against a team that no one thought we could hang with, a team that everyone thought we didn’t belong on the same field as. This team was the Hoxie Mustangs, and they had beaten us every year we played them by more than 20 points. We started off the game with a bang, returning the opening kickoff. We marched up and down the field all night long. The final score Westside-40, Hoxie-0. We were ecstatic about beating a team we’ve never beaten before but we weren’t satisfied with just that one win.
Our next task at hand was to beat a team we have never played before. The Marked Tree Indians had the same a 2-0 record coming into our game, and thought that we were a trash team. We wanted to try to do the same thing to them that we did to Hoxie and keep them out of the endzone. This was one of my most favorite games I’ve ever played in because I caught not one but two touchdown passes. We didn’t keep them out of the endzone but they only got in one time. The final score of the game was Westside-35 and Marked Tree-6. So we ended the non-conference play with a record of 2-1 and was only one win away from accomplishing one of our many goals for the season. ~ Austin Tyler

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