Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New Zealand Christmas: Cheyenne S.

In the picture above you see a tree. This tree is not like most Christmas trees; this tree is a New Zealand Christmas tree. Most of the time in New Zealand, they don’t even decorate their tree. They just add lights because the tree is so beautiful itself. It is called the pohutukawa tree.
Something that is also strange about Christmas in New Zealand is that it takes place when the weather is beautiful. Most of the time people spend their Christmas on the beach, camping or even tanning along the sandy beaches.
Their Christmas parade is also different. It's in mid-November, and Santa wears jandals (or New Zealand sandals) and wears a black New Zealand rugby shirt, but the rest is a traditional suit. Finally, they don't leave cookies and milk out for Santa; they leave beer and pineapple chunks!


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