Friday, December 9, 2016

Movie review- Jey RIggs

“Last Holiday” is a trash movie
Everyone loves a good Christmas movie. In fact, just last week, I wrote an article about the top 10 Christmas movies. However, for every good Christmas movie, there’s always one so bad that you want to swallow an entire Christmas tree to numb the disgust. To me, the 2006 film “Last Holiday” is one of those movies. If you haven’t seen it, and for some reason want to, stop reading now. I’m going to review this terrible movie, and I won’t hold back the ending. This is mainly because I don’t want to try to prevent others from wasting their time on this film.
For starters, the movie stars Queen Latifah. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you are. She’s a saleswoman and introverted. After trying to get LL Cool J’s attention, she hits her head and ends up getting a CAT scan. The CAT scan reveals that she has a rare brain disease and that she only has a few weeks to live. She can’t afford the operation, so she’s basically told to accept her fate. This makes Queen Latifah go crazy and she decides to have a last holiday. She quits her job, liquidates her assets, and goes to the Czech Republic and stays at a nice hotel. Then, the she tries snowboarding and base jumping, but fails. However, she gets to enjoy really nice food and wins at a casino. Everyone at the hotel really likes her, except for one person. The owner of a store she shops at thinks she’s sketchy and starts trying to investigate her. After that, the manager finds that she left instructions of what to do with her corpse when her time comes (how considerate!). The manager is very moved, and tells Queen Latifah to go home and spend her last days with people she loves. LL Cool J had learned about her diagnosis, and was in a taxi looking for her, because he realized he was in love with her. The owner of the store confronts her and says that he knows that she worked at one of his stores, which was a big deal, because she was pretending to be rich. It was supposed to be a big deal, but no one cared since she was going to die. They all comfort her. The owner of the store got mad and started contemplating suicide. Queen Latifah talked him down by calling out all of his imperfections. LL Cool J shows up. The manager of the hotel receives a fax and tells Queen Latifah that she’s not even actually dying; the CAT scan was old and the doctor was too incompetent to notice. The ending shows all of the people at the hotel were living better lives because of Queen Latifah’s existence.

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