Friday, December 2, 2016

Inspiration Quote- Shamaria Hankerson

Have you ever heard the saying not every action needs a reaction? That is 100% true. A good percent of things happen because of how you react to things. Every little thing does not need a reaction. You can go through life without reacting to everything. You tend to make a big deal out of little things, and that's what causes most of your problems. Something may bother you just a little bit, and you just absolutely blow it out of proportion. Some things that you address shouldn't even get responded to. I know you feel like if you don’t react to something then that thing has power over you, but really you not reacting gives you power over it. Don’t ever feel like when you respond to a situation you are solving a problem; you are only creating a new one. Saying nothing shows that you are mature, and it shows self growth. You don’t need to stoop down to someone’s level because some people will just never group up. Remember, every action DOES NOT need a reaction.
By: Shamaria Hankerson

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