Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas in Canada

The only difference I could find is a festival called sinck tuck. That is where people dance and exchange gifts, this however, is only far north and celebrated by eskimos. However I also found that murmuring is banned in some places because it is seen as a form of begging.
I also found that on the south shore of Nova Scotia, over Christmas, there's a tradition called Belsnickeling. This is where people dress up in funny Santa costumes and go from house to house until the homeowners guess who you are. It was especially popular in West & East Green Harbour. The Belsnicklers often brought musical instruments and sang. They were served Christmas cake or cookies. I know this doesn't seem like much but the rest was literally what we are about to do with snowmen and santa reindeer. I figured that would be boring so that's why there is not much here. But this is what there is... an interesting festival, a unique ban, and a funny tradition that is all I could find that is unique for Canada traditions.

(note: This was the best I could find for Belsnickeling. The rest didn’t match the description of the tradition.)

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