Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hungarian Christmas Traditions by Megan Ferguson

In Hungary, Christmas Eve is called ‘Szent-este’ which means Holy Evening. They spend the evening with their families and decorate the tree. Sometimes only the adults decorate the tree while the children are not home. So when the children come home, it’s a great surprise and they are told that angels brought the tree for them. Santa also visits Hungary on the 6th of December. In Hungary he is known as ‘Mikulas.’ The midnight mass service is very popular in Hungary. Most people go to church service after their Christmas meal. The main Christmas meal that they have is fish, cabbage, and poppy bread. At Christmas children put their polished shoes in the windows before Santa comes. Children receive gifts twice during the holiday season. The tree is put up on December 24th. The tree is decorated with colorful ornaments, gingerbread cookies and special holiday candies called Szaaloncukor, which are wrapped in bright gold and red foil and tied with bows. Hungary does not have very many strange traditions but the traditions they do have are a lot different from us!

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