Thursday, December 15, 2016

“Heri Ya Krismasi”

I have the Country of Kenya. In Kenya and everywhere else around the world they like spending time with their families on Christmas because with big families this is the only time of the year everyone can all get together. Also like a lot of places houses and churches are usually decorated with a bunch of Christmas decorations such as colorful balloons, ribbon, paper decorations, flowers, and green leaves. They don’t do every traditional thing like we do though. Like we usually have a traditional christmas tree, it’s either fake or we cut one down. Kenya’s “traditional” Christmas tree is the Cyprus Tree.
Kenya has midnight Church Services that happen on Christmas Eve and they also have more Church services the day of Christmas, I mean if you can get yourself up for a little while to go. Usually people party all night so they are too tired to even think about going back to Church. But if you feel the need to go, you usually sing religious Christmas music and they also do little play and show “The Christmas Story” Christianity is big in Kenya so they show how the birth of Jesus happened and why we call it Christmas. After your midnight services are over caroling is becoming a new popular tradition. Yeah, it might be a little late to go from door to door and sing but hey everyone enjoys it.
They have a lot of popular Christmas foods. Like, barbeque. We usually just eat beef, but they have multiple choices to pick from. They have goat, sheep, beef, and chicken. With the barbeque they usually eat the Chapati Flat Bread. Kenya has what they call “Nyama Choma” which means The Big Christmas Meal. People often make their own beer to drink. Different tribes make/ have their own special dishes though.
They don’t just celebrate the day before and the day of Christmas. They celebrate the day after as well. They call is “The Boxing Day” it’s a public holiday.

Merry Christmas in Swahili is “Heri Ya Krismasi” ~ Madison Long

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