Friday, December 2, 2016

Gibson- Nathan Coggin

                         Gibson , who's that?
                                                                                    By; Nathan Coggin

The first thing that you need to know if you don't already is that Les Paul is the most influential person on Gibson guitar history. You may have heard this through the years or even seen it. A few short years after World War Two the Gibson had just introduced the P-90 pickups which was a revolution to the electric guitar business. Under the very aggressive leadership of company president Ted McCarty, Gibson introduced two new concept guitars the ES-5 and the very first three pickup guitar to go onto the market called the ES-175. This would soon make a big impact on the guitar world at the time.
The solid body guitar posed a very different problem for Gibson at the time; it had to still uphold Gibson tradition while going a few steps beyond all other guitars on the market. If offered a carved contoured top harkened back to the very first Orville Gibson instruments of the late 1800s, and a gold finish signified a value above all others and gained the public endorsement of the most popular guitarist of the time (Les Paul), Gibson introduced the very first Les Paul model in 1952. The Les Paul quickly grew into a value above all others.
Today the Gibson Les Paul is still held to a value of none others unlike any other guitar ever built in history. Guitarists thank the Gibson Company for taking such a bold risk in the small world of guitars at the time. Without the Les Paul, we would not have the awesome solos that were performed.

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