Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas traditions: Switzerland

Christmas  in switzerland is similar to christmas in Germany and Austria. Christmas trees are popular in Sweden and thy decorate them just like we do here. Some people even use real candles on their trees. The main Christmas meal is eaten on christmas eve. Popular foods include scallops, ham, turkey and such. Cookies are also popular and easy to buy and make. Another popular food for them in Fondu. It’s just a pot of melted cheese that you dip stuff in. Also sometimes it's customary to kiss the person to your left. Don’t stand next to your parents.
In switzerland saint Nicholas is known as samichlaus and he might visit you on december 6th. You might be lucky enough to get gifts from Baby Jesus or father christmas on christmas eve. You might be visited by the three kings or befana. No idea who they are but oh well.
Star singing is also popular among children. They go around and carol and sing and they all carry a star infant….(?) They do the last week of advent before epiphany. The star represents the wise men that followed the star to find baby Jesus in the manger.  Some people known as Klaus  dress up and make up a bunch of noise and sing and wish people a merry christmas and what not. ~ Zach Norwood

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