Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas in Indonesia

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 In Indonesia about 85 percent of the population are Muslims, about 10 percent of the population are Christians- that's still about 20 million people! Indonesian Christians love to celebrate christmas! Indonesian Christians usually go to church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In most churches and cathedrals, people create nativity scenes and use them as part of the Nativity drama performance.
 Christmas trees in Indonesia are normally artificial ones made plastic. Although less common, some people have real pine trees to be decorated as Christmas trees. In Early December, huge Christmas trees with beautiful and colorful decorations can be found in most shopping malls in big cities all over the country. In 2011 there are also a huge Christmas tree made of edible chocolate, created by professional Indonesian chocolatiers!
  In Indonesia, Santa Claus is also very popular and is called 'Sinterklaas' (that's because Indonesia used to be ruled by Holland). Sinterklaas brings presents to children on Christmas Day- and you also might see him in shopping malls, etc! Exchanging presents is common among Christians in Indonesia.
 Popular Christmas carols in indonesia include 'Malam Kudus' (an Indonesian version of 'O Holy Night') and 'Malam Kudus' (an Indonesian version of 'Silent Night' ). These songs are usually sung on Christmas Eve in churches by a choir during the candlelight service, when people think about the Christmas Story. ~ Cody Williamson

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